Light Novel “Misaki no Mayoiga” Get Anime Movie Adaptation

Light Novel Misaki no Mayoiga Get Anime Movie Adaptation

Fuji TV, on November 5, 2020, opened a professional internet site for the Misaki no Mayoiga collection and announced that the group-based totally on the light novel by way of Sachiko Kashiwaba and illustrated by using Yukiko Saito will get an anime film adaptation in the close to future or to be precise. In the 12 months 2021. They also uploaded a visible and a promotional video along with the announcement.

Besides that, the film adaptation task is additionally integrated into one of Zutto Ouen's works' three motion pictures. 2011 + 10 undertaking is also committed to commemorating the ten years of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Studio David Production, which is presently working on the Enen no Shouboutai or Fire Force anime, will be in the cost of the animation part of this sequence underneath the path of director Shinya Kawatsura. Meanwhile, the mild novel itself used to be first posted by Kashiwaba from May to July 2015 in Iwate Nippo's Nippo Junior magazine.

Misaki no Mayoiga - Visual

Synopsis of Misaki no Mayoiga:

17-year-old Moeka lost her parents, and Yurie, who used to be attempting to get away from her abusive husband, one day received off at Kitsunezaki station. The massive earthquake and tsunami have changed their fate. Their lives had been saved. However, they have been burdened when requested about their identities at the evacuation site. It was a historical female named Kiwa Yamana who lent them their helping hand. From that day on, Yurie was once acknowledged as Yui, Moeka as Hiyori, and together with Kiwa, the three girls began a beautiful communal existence collectively in the historic “Mayoiga” residence overlooking the sea.