Why “Sagiri Izumi” is Favorite Loli For Weebs

Why Sagiri Izumi is Favorite Loli For Weebs

Many things make anime characters become waifu aka imaginary wives for a weebs, one of which is the popular loli character who is almost an ideal for all anime fans, namely Sagiri Izumi.

Sagiri himself is Izumi Masamune's half-sister. Since the accident's tragedy, Sagiri's parents eventually became hikikomori, who even refused to leave her door.

Then what's so special about sagiri, that it makes women, especially lolicons, poisoned?

5 Reasons Why Sagiri Is Favorite Loli

5 Reasons Why Sagiri Is Favorite Loli

1. Very Cute (Kawaii)

I don't know what is possessed. This Sagiri character is depicted with a matchless cute loli with her distinctive silver hair and tiny body that makes Sagiri's character a Kawai, especially with a cute face that makes Sagiri loli incomparably cute.

2. Coy (Tsundere)

Even though she has a dirty and rude attitude, especially with his character that no one wants to see, Sagiri can also be said to be a character with a tsundere character, especially with his Kawai's face making this one loli ideal.

3. Like Cleanliness

Well, even though she is an acute hikikomori, she doesn't forget the thing called cleanliness. The proof is that his room always looks clean and neatly arranged. You guys hikikomori messy rooms.

4. Willing to Work Hard

I never wanted to study at school, but it didn't make Sagiri lose hope of getting a job. The proof is that she is a great illustrator, and even a novelist seizes.

5. Loves Perverted Things (Eromanga-Sensei)

What a character with unique traits, well, obviously likes such things, but she doesn't want to be called "Eromanga-Sensei." It represents the same thing that you don't want to call Weebs.

So maybe that's what makes the reason why Sagiri Izumi from the anime Eromanga Sensei is a favorite loli character. Well, the main advantage is the cuteness of her face.