Spiritual Tour at Eihei-Ji Temple in Japan

Spiritual Tour at Eihei-Ji Temple in Japan

For those of you who are Buddhist and are looking for good spiritual nourishment, then try to visit Eihei-Ji Temple in Japan. Because this temple accepts visits that you can do for one day or even several days by staying overnight, this temple, located in Fukui Prefecture, is known as one of Japan's main Soto Zen Buddhist temples.

History of Eihei-Ji Temple

This Eihei-Ji Temple was founded in 1243 by Dogen Zenji and his followers as a home to avoid the conflicts that arose between other Buddhist sectors. In a short time, the place became known as the Daibutsu Temple or Giant Buddha. However, Dogen himself changed the name by calling it the Temple of Eternal Peace as it is known today as Eihei-Ji Temple.

For the time being, the temple is used as a training ground for Soto Zen Buddhism. This is evidenced by the number of priests and even nuns in it, around 200 people, and calls the temple their home. It is known as one of the holy places, many of them other Soto Zen priests who also visit the place, either to meditate or even recite sutras.

Historical Tour by Exploring The Temple Complex

As a historical place, those of you who visit this location can enjoy interesting views of the imposing temple complex. Besides having a large size, more than 70 buildings are even connected only by using closed paths. A beautiful and fertile forest borders the location. He will also provide interesting displays of the changing seasons, such as the scenery from spring to winter.

For visitors entering the Eihei-Ji Temple area, they will pass through the reception hall, containing various interesting features. As well as residences, meditation halls, to study rooms. Also, there is an old building from the complex known as the Shannon Gate. The location has been restored since 1749.

Meanwhile, there is also The Butsuden building known as the Buddha Balai Sitting, which is located in the central area of the temple and Buddhist statue houses devoted to statues of Amida Butsu, Shakyamuni Butsu, to Miroku Bosatsu. In other words, the house is intended to store buddha statues from the past, present, and future.

Spiritual Program Offered

If you want to participate in spiritual activities at the temple, don't worry because this temple provides several spiritual programs that you can participate in. These programs include:

  • The Sanro program, known as zazen meditation or zen sitting meditation, is practiced in just two 40 minute periods.
  • The Sanzen program, a zazen meditation activity that is short but more intense. This is done by staying overnight at a Shukubo or shrine inn. Also, you will be invited to participate in morning worship activities, tour the temple facilities, eat traditional Buddhist foods, and practice four to five times the zazen meditation activity.
  • The LZW program, for this one activity, is known as a more intimate program and takes a long time. Because this is done by following 8 to 10 periods of 40 minutes of zazen meditation each day. Apart from that, there are also lecture activities related to dharma or even about Dogen Zenji and Buddhism that he must participate in.

That is a brief explanation of some of the spiritual activities you can do when visiting Eihei-Ji Temple in Japan.