Manga “The Way of The Househusband” Adapted into Anime

Manga The Way of The Househusband Adapted into Anime

Netflix, by way of its official website on October 27, 2020, brought that one of the manga by using the use of Kousuke Oono entitled The Way of the Househusband or in Japanese referred to as Gokushufudo will get an anime adaptation that will be broadcast on the Netflix channel. Later, this adaptation will be launched in 2021. A visible and an announcement for the essential personality have been additionally revealed.

The voice of Kenjirou Tsuda, who as soon as voiced Lero-ro in the anime Tower of God, will fill the representative of the essential personality named Tatsu, who is a former Yakuza boss. Chiaki Kon will be directing, and Susumu Yamakawa will be in charge of series composition. Meanwhile, the animation itself will be executed by using the use of studio JC Staff (Shokugeki no Souma).

Synopsis of The Way of The Househusband

Synopsis of The Way of The Househusband:

He is the most ferocious member of the yakuza, a man who left limitless legends of the underworld behind him. They recognized as him the “Immortal Dragon.” But one day, he walked away from it all to take every other path by the potential of turning into a householder husband!