Ayasaka Fukuhara and Reo Nakanishi Announce Their Marriage

Ayasaka Fukuhara and Reo Nakanishi Announce Their Marriage

Through her Ameblo blog page, Ayaka Fukuhara, a voice actress, acknowledged her role as Shibuya Rin from the franchise “THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS,” introduced her marriage. Fukuhara is married to a voice actress named Reo Nakanishi. Reo himself is acknowledged as the voice actor for Reeve's persona from the sport Metal Gear Survive.

Reo Nakanishi - Twitter

Ayaka Fukuhara herself was amazed using how busy her husband's Twitter account was. She also mentioned that she would proceed with her profession as a voice actress even until she became a grandmother.

Ayaka Fukuhara used to be born in Kagoshima Prefecture on December 31, 1989. Starting from her dream of becoming a veterinarian, Fukuhara then decided to become a voice actress after listening to a radio drama from the manga “Hunter x Hunter.” At the age of 15, Fukuhara joined the broadcast club, art membership, and choir club. He then accomplished university schooling and is qualified as a nutritionist. After becoming a VIMS agency member, she made her debut as the personality Shibuya Rin in THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS in 2012. In the anime collection, she debuted as Nao Hinohara from the collection “Arata Kangatari.” His career took off, and he performed several famous characters such as Hotaru Rindou (Qualidea Code), Gr G11 (Girls Frontline), Lugh (Trinity Seven), Bismarck ( Azur Lane ), and Grea (Manaria Friends).

Reo Nakanishi used to be born on 23 September 19?? in Osaka Prefecture. Reo is the son of a football player, so he started a career like his father at the age of nine. After graduating from excessive school, Reo entered Ritsumeikan University with his sports suggestion program. His profession as a football athlete had to quit midway due to harm during training. After his early retirement, he chose his career as a voice actress and joined the Kira Entertainment business enterprise led via the late voice actress Kouji Tsujitani. After the business enterprise closed its operations, Reo worked as a freelance employee before joining Stardust Promotion in 2016. His debut as a seiyuu used to be a minor trainer character in the anime “Glasslip.”

We are all AKASORA writers, and the Otaku are blissful with the information of this marriage, and I hope that the two of them will come to be an inseparable couple forever.