Anime “Redo of Healer” Show Promotion Video

Anime Redo of Healer Show First Promotion Video

KADOKAWA via his private YouTube channel account on October 30, 2020, uploaded an inaugural promotional video to broadcast the anime series titled Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinoshi or Redo of Healer. In addition to the promotional video, they also uploaded the modern-day visual key. They announced that the light novel's anime adaptation using Tsukiyo Rui and illustrator Shiokonbu would be broadcast in January 2021 or the Winter 2021 season.

Later, the anime's opening tune will have the title “Zankoku na Yume to Nemure” or Dream a Cruel Dream, which will be carried out with the singer's aid Minami Kuribayashi. While the ending music will be sung with the assistance of the track crew ARCANA PROJECT with the title track, “Yume de Sekai wo Kaeru Nara” or If You Can Change The World in a Dream.

Some of the names of seiyuu who will be present in this series are:

  • Yuya Hozumi as Keyarga
  • Tetsu Inada as Brett
  • Ayano Shibuya as Freya
  • Mami Fujita as Blade
  • Shizuka Ishigami as Setsuna
  • Natsumi Takamori as Eve
  • Minami Tsuda as Norn
  • Natsuki Aikawa as Kureha

Also, the TNK studio will later be in charge of the animation section, while the director's function will be carried out via Takuya Asaoka. Manga Redo of Healer or Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinoshi used to be first posted by using Tsukiyo, which was once illustrated via Shiokonbu in December 2016 and the Shousetsuka ni Narou website. The collection has also received a manga adaptation from mangaka Souken Haga in October 2019 and has been published on the Young Ace Up internet site for October 2017.

Redo of Healer - Visual

Synopsis of Redo of Healer:

The story of “revenge fantasy” centers on Keyarga, a healer used and tossed around by his fellow adventurers, assuming that healers can't fight alone. However, when he attains ultimate recovery magic and "heals" the world itself, he returns four years to restart his life.