7 Halal Food Serving Restaurants in Japan

7 Halal Food Serving Restaurants in Japan

Planning a vacation or continuing your education in Japan? Don't omit its unique and delicious culinary delights! However, for a Muslim who comes to Japan, searching for halal meals or drink is challenging. Japan has indeed furnished Muslim-friendly services, such as locations of worship and halal culinary options. However, food and beverages labeled halal are nevertheless a bit tough to find.

Well, this time, AKASORA has several halal culinary preferences that you can devour while in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Halal Food Providers in Japan

1. Naritaya

This ramen keep is located in Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo. Naritaya combines fresh self-made noodles and signature poultry stock. You can order meals thru vending machines like other ramen stores in general. Those of you who like spicy food, do not overlook to pour the chili paste into your ramen bowl, OK!

Another advantage of Naritaya is that it offers a region for prayer. The meals and drinks in this store are halal licensed via the Japan Islamic Trust. Naritaya is open each day from eleven a.m. to 10 p.m.

2. CoCo Ichibanya

The next halal meals are curried rice from CoCo Ichibanya. Restaurant branches that are halal-certified using the Nippon Asia Halal Association are placed in Akihabara and Shinjuku. Curry rice wrapped in an omelet and gentle meat will make you even extra excited to explore several places in Japan.

3. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka

This ramen restaurant serves a unique style of ramen with grilled fowl and Japanese yakitori. Also, ramen is filled with white rice, which can be eaten with ramen broth. The everyday element is pretty large, so you are counseled to come when you are hungry. The proprietor of this restaurant is a Muslim.

4. Sushiken

Sushiken recently served Muslim friendly dishes, lo! This restaurant is placed in Asakusa and is open daily, without December 31st. You can style the sushi set menu that has been licensed halal by the Japan Halal Foundation. Come in the course of lunchtime due to the fact the menu costs will be plenty cheaper.

5. Taizan Sakura

stroll from Asakusa station, you will find this ramen shop. Taizan Sakura serves Sakuraebi Oroshiba, which is noodles with shrimp and rooster broth sprinkled with Japanese small shrimp or sakuraebi. This halal-certified store also gives a menu of savory South Asian curry tsukemen.

6. Yakiniku Panga

Want to devour yakiniku? Come on, cease with the aid of Yakiniku Panga in Asakusa! Taste delicious, flawlessly roasted wagyu pieces. This restaurant has been certified through the Japan Halal Foundation.

7. Origami Asakusa

Another halal food paradise for Muslim tourists, namely Origami Asakusa. This restaurant is halal-certified with the aid of the Japan Islamic Trust. Enjoy real and scrumptious Beef Shabu Shabu, Japanese Black Beef Steak, and Chicken Sukiyaki menus.

Origami Asakusa additionally gives a children meal menu for children. You do not want to rush to find a region to pray because this restaurant has supplied a specific room and a comfortable location for ablution.

Those are some halal culinary options that you can style while in Japan. Now you do not want to be pressured anymore when looking for halal dishes. Besides the meal choices above, pay attention, and analyze fundamental know-how about food composition in packaged products. Please don't neglect to write it down on a pad, so you do not forget about it. Have a fantastic trip!